Emerging Artist Program

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Meet the 2024 Emerging Artists!

The Emerging Artist Program is designed specifically for artists in the early stages of their career. This program has been a foundation of CherryArts’ commitment to supporting artists. Now celebrating its 20th year, we are excited to introduce a new $5,000 grant to further inspire and support these artists in their creative practice.

Discover more about this year’s emerging artists and their unique creative practices. Be sure to visit them and see their incredible artwork at this year’s Cherry Creek Arts Festival!

female artist standing in front of artwork

Annie Anderson, Portland, ME

“My work explores how different versions of one’s experience of self over time can co-exist, inform and support one another. The unpredictable, free quality of my line is inspired by Andy Warhol’s drawings of the 1950s and by Paul Klee’s ink transfer technique. Paper as a surface provides a softness and fragility, and in varying degrees, captures early marks, lines and discarded figures or fragments of figures. In this way, the completed piece documents the act of discovery and becoming. Working in a large format, the nearly life-size figures engage and challenge us to look at them directly and like modern-day icons, invite contemplation and reflection.”

Young white male artist

Adam Anglin, Denver, CO

Adam Anglin (b.1984, Rogers, AR) is a self-taught fine artist and musician living and working in Denver, Colorado. His work explores connections between the natural world and synthetic forms. Working as a graphic designer for the past 15 years, Adam picked painting up at the beginning of 2023. All of Adam’s works start digitally in the composition phase before moving into painting. This process allows him space to consider the composition and color relationships that will best serve the piece. Adam’s work uses a mix of acrylic and oil paint, oil stick, charcoal pencil, tape, palette knife and brush work on cradled wood panel.

hispanic male artist standing behind light sculpture

Giulio D'Amore, Denver, CO

Giulio D’Amore is a multi-media artist working primarily in the mediums of wood and light. Giulio is originally from São Paulo, Brazil and now lives and works in Denver, Colorado. He began his woodworking practice in 2019, while taking advanced courses through the woodworking program at RRCC [Red Rocks Community College, Fine Woodworking Program], where he studied under the guidance of key teachers and began learning to master complex forms using ash and walnut veneer.

Over the years, Giulio has dedicated himself to develop light sculptures from traditional woodworking skills that exemplify simplicity and sophistication. His mastery of the multi-faceted technique, bent and lamination, has served as the catalyst for the practice he is increasingly becoming recognized for.

female hispanic artist headshot, smiling

Emilia Ealom, Denver, CO

“I’m passionate about making wares that all can enjoy and how they can play a small role in someone’s daily life.  I love the possibilities of clay and how it humbles me; I’m continuously inspired to learn and grow as an artist.  There is a beautiful balance between creativity, technique, skill, chemistry, and chance, unique to ceramics.  It’s a practice of mindfulness, relinquishing control, and learning to let go.  Clay has a life of its own, the dance between nature and elements; earth, air, water, and fire magically coincide to create objects of beauty and utility.  I’ve been fortunate to have worked under talented artists in the USA, England, and Costa Rica.  As a psychotherapist and ceramic artist, I know the healing power of clay, its methodical nature, and the mindful moments it creates.  It fills my mug with joy, inspiration, creativity, a healthy dose of problem-solving, and some disappointments too!”

white female artist smiling in front of her artwork

Phoebe Hatch, Boulder, CO

Phoebe Hatch, a Boulder native, is a 19-year-old sophomore at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence. After graduating from Boulder High School in 2022, she embarked on her artistic journey, primarily exploring oil paint but always eager to experiment with new techniques and mediums. Phoebe’s vibrant works are characterized by saturated colors and intricate layering, evoking a surreal ambiance that often revolves around the theme of time. Drawing inspiration from her daily life, her art frequently delves into intimate narratives, inviting viewers to connect with her creative expression on a personal level. Phoebe also has an appreciation for the natural environment which is often woven into her artistic practices.