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Mami Yamamoto | Englewood, CO | Printmaking

Mami Yamamoto is a printmaker based in Englewood, CO. Her monoprint ‘We All Listen to His Blah, Blah, Blah’ is the featured artwork for the Cherry Creek Arts Festival poster.

“Growing up in Japan, distinguished sensibilities deeply rooted in culture, may almost be a prerequisite for its people. In every aspect of my young life, I was surrounded by both an old and new aesthetic, many of which could simply be considered customs or rituals. As mono indicates, this print is one of a kind. I use oil-based ink on plexiglass and create my own designs by using a variety of techniques, such as free drawings, chin colle, collagraph, stencil and so forth. The colors are always a part of my focus and I make ‘my own’ colors on all my prints.” Each finished design is printed through an etching press and multiple layered designs until the finished work translates Mami’s vision.

Colorful abstract printmaking piece and image of artist Mami Yamamoto
© We All Listen to His Blah, Blah, Blah

colorful stripes and geometric shape painting by Lou Ann Townsend

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Two women looking at landscape art with clouds and blue sky Photo by Frank Montanez

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2024 Poster by Mami Yamamoto Colorful Abstract art bright summer colors

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