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closeup of hands creating a pastel landscape art piece Photo by Liz Levy

Art for Everyone

CherryArts is a Denver-based nonprofit that believes in two fundamental things:

  1. Access to art is for everyone.
  2. Artists are essential.

We support artists and arts education through interactive outreach programs and our yearly Cherry Creek Arts Festival. Our organization has been a leader of Colorado’s art and culture industry for more than thirty years and we are committed to the mission of providing access to art experiences and supporting arts education in Colorado.

Discover the People behind CherryArts

Without our dedicated Board of Directors and hard-working staff, none of our arts education programming, large scale events, or other community support efforts would see the light of day.

Our Economic Impact

CherryArts produces the annual Cherry Creek Arts Festival, transforming Denver streets into one of the country’s largest and most respected arts shows, with hundreds of juried artists, music, food, and more.

Each year patrons purchase approximately $4.1 million in original art, generating substantial taxes for the City and County of Denver and the State of Colorado. In addition, approximately 150,000 arts festival guests spend more than $1 million annually at local and regional businesses during the festival weekend.

Photo by Gayle Yao

Our Dedication to DEIA

CherryArts is committed to the inclusion of people of all races, ethnicities, abilities, gender identities, and sexual orientation. We believe art is for everyone, meaning it should be accessible and representative of all. We reject racial injustice of any form. We believe this is an active process that requires continuous commitment on our part to recognize inequities and work to mitigate them. We will bring attention to strategic institutional change and implement business practices that reflect these core values. This commitment reflects who we are, but also who we seek to become — a diverse, inclusive, and equitable organization.

Education Outreach

Through the festival, other events, and year-round programming, CherryArts nurtures future generations of art supporters and exposes young minds to the many social and mental health benefits of experiencing and creating art. Programs including the Mobile Art Gallery, Student Art Buying Program, and Mobile Art Cart ignite creative and critical thinking for over 40,000 Colorado students each year.

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