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Photo of recycling container with recycle lanfill and compost bins

Greener Is The Goal

CherryArts is dedicated to becoming a greener organization year-round, and to working towards a zero-waste model at our annual festival and other events.

Working Toward Zero Waste

The Zero Waste philosophy is inspired by nature, where nothing is wasted, and the mantra “leave no trace.” CherryArts aims to work toward Zero Waste, especially at our annual arts festival, by bringing a sustainability lens to leadership, product sourcing, education and the handling and hauling of materials.

Our Green Initiatives

We will minimize waste from the source by avoiding products with unnecessary packaging and items that are not recyclable. 

We will provide recycle, compost and trash receptacles throughout the festival. 

We will choose environmentally friendly products and supplies. 

We will provide environmentally responsible giveaways. 

We will use organic fabric T-shirts and reusable electronic chips. 

We will use reusable supplies when possible, such as linen vs. plastic tablecloths. 

We will promote organic or locally grown food choices. 

We will provide reusable serviceware. 

We will donate unused food to shelters and food banks. 

We will serve condiments in bulk. 

We will prohibit the use of any and all styrofoam.

We will use on-site renewable energy such as solar and wind. 

We will power generators with biodiesel when available. 

We will provide guidelines for energy usage. 

We will provide or sell reusable beverage containers to attendees.  

We will encourage consolidated dispensing and personal reusable containers for back of house personnel, including multi-gallon beverage and water coolers. 

We will use hybrid electric, biodiesel or fuel cell vehicles. 

We will provide a bike corral in a central location. 

We will incentivize carpooling through discounts. 

We will incentivize cyclists who ride to events.

We will use emission offsets for event, travel and other activities. 

We will provide ongoing incentives, awareness and training for volunteers to encourage support and participation. 

We will commit to electronic communication.  

We will provide reusable signs.