Art Making Ideas

Browse our collection of accessible art projects designed by CherryArts to make creating art from anywhere easy and fun.

Jellyfish art made of a paper bowl and yarn

Bowl Jellyfish

Materials: Paper Bowl, Yarn, Coloring Supplies, Scissors, Pencil, Glue

Yayoi Kusama pumpkin art with mosaic dots

Yayoi Kashuma Pumpkin

Materials: Crayons, Construction Paper, Pencil, Marker

Circle mosaic made out of colorful paper squares

Paper Mosaic Project

Materials: Construction Paper, Scissors, Glue Stick, Pencil

Picasso style face made of paper

Picasso Faces

Materials: Paper (Various Colors), Drawing Materials, Scissors, Glue Stick

Rainbow made of clay and pipe cleaners

Modeling Clay

Rainbow Materials: Air Dry Clay, Pipe Cleaners – Coil Pot Materials: Air Dry Clay, Pipe Cleaners, Toothpick or Fork, Markers, Scissors

Star made out of paper and glitter

Hanging Stars

Materials: Cardboard, Pencil, Scissors, Coloring Utensils or Paint, Miscellaneous Decorations, and String

3D hand made of colorful lines

3D Hand Drawing

Materials: Drawing Utensils and Paper

colorful fabric weaving

Fabric Weaving

Materials: Cardboard Loom, Scissors, Fabric Scraps, Ribbons, Yarn, Skinny Stick from Outside

Green prints made with cut citrus

Citrus Block Print

Materials: Citrus, Paint Brush, Acrylic Paint, Paper, Paper Towel, Knife

Catapult made of spoon, popsicle sticks and rubber bands


Rubber Bands, Craft Sticks, Items to Launch, Plastic Spoon

Matisse style felt artwork

Matisse Felt Project

Materials: Scrap Felt, One Large Felt Piece, Scissors

Paper collage to put in window to look like stained glass and grow seeds

Stained Glass Germinator

Materials: Plastic Bag, Glue, Tape, Water, Tissue Paper, Lima Bean, Paper Towel

Nature Rubbings using leaves

Nature Rubbings

Materials: Paper, Charcoal, Crayon, Colored Pencils

Rabbit made out of colorful fabric

Animal Silhouette

Materials: Fabric Scraps, Cardboard or Scrap Paper, Pencil, Scissors, Glue (optional)

Landscape collage made out of cut paper

Collage Landscape

Materials Needed: Scrap Paper, Glue, Scissors (optional)

Wall tapestry made of fabric, stick and yarn

Wall Tapestry

Materials Needed: Fabric, Yarn, Stick from the Yard

Handmade doll out of paper, glue and yarn

Paper Doll

Materials Needed: Fabric, Doll Template/ Scrap Paper, Glue, Scissors, Yarn, Crayons

Absract Art made with yarn and glue

Yarn Painting

Materials Needed: Yarn, Sticky Contact Sheet, Scissors

Owl made of popsicle sticks, glue and paper

Popsicle Stick Animal

Materials Needed: Popsicle sticks, Paper, Glue/Glue Stick/Tape, Scissors, Crayons/Markers/Colored Pencils/Paint (optional)

Weaving art with paper strips

Paper Weaving

Colored Paper; Old Magazines, Crepe Paper, Newspaper Cut into Strips; Exacto Knife or Scissors and Ruler; PAPER WEAVING Cutting Template

Butterfly and Snail made of clothespin and pipe cleaners

Clothespin Butterfly & Snail

Materials Needed: Clothespin, 2 Pipe Cleaners, 2 Googly Eyes, Markers/Crayons/Colored Pencils, Glue/Tape/Glue Stick

Colorful flower made of coffee filters

Coffee Filter Flower

Materials Needed: Coffee Filter, Pipe Cleaner, Markers, Spray Bottle of Water