2007 Cherry Creek Arts Festival commemorative poster of painting created by artist Stephen Sebastian.

“As an artist, I work in a variety of mediums including painting. I am constantly experimenting with new materials and tools to help keep my artwork fresh and interesting. I strive in my paintings to achieve a sense of fluid realism while maintaining visual structure. My paintings are completed on fine woven stretched canvas using the highest quality oil pigments, mediums, and varnishes. I stretch and prime my own canvas and apply multiple coats of varnish for protection after completion.

Strong design and use of light have always been fundamental for all of my artwork. With my paintings, I want to expand these fundamentals to include a fluid rhythmic expression and simplicity in my brushwork. To help me achieve this rhythmic expression I often listen to music fitting to the flow of the design as I work. I will most often do numerous preliminary sketches before I begin work on the actual canvas. The graphic tablet has become my sketching pad of choice for my initial sketches. I will use it to work out my basic composition, design, and color. I do much of my experimentation with color and design at this stage. I want to be free as possible to concentrate on the flow of the brushwork when I begin my work on the canvas. After transferring my initial sketch to the canvas, I begin my brushwork with an emphasis on the rhythm and flow of the stroke. I want the brush to move across the canvas leaving the painting as an artistic record of its dance. I attempt to capture the basic strokes and rhythm of the work in one setting. This helps create a consistency for the entire finished work. If I am satisfied with this initial stage I will complete the painting. If not, I will begin again or move to other work. Many of the mediums I use with my color pallet have been custom created to help achieve the flow and body I desire in my finished work. Transparent glazing techniques help achieve the jewel like quality in the finished piece.”

Standard 30”x22” $30
Signed, Limited Edition 30”x22” $45

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