1998 Cherry Creek Arts Festival commemorative poster, original is oil on handmade paper created by Valerie Willson.

“I live on a rural island near Seattle where I am influenced both by an intense immersion in nature and a close involvement in the process of people’s lives. Patterns fascinate me, in growing things and in our lives, the way we address similar issues over and over, but differently as events unfold. Hope and joy fascinate me, the way I see it in the continual cycle of living things and in the way for us as humans it is a reason to live and yet is such a challenge. I infuse these fascinations into my abstract oil paintings as I build/subtract layer upon later and pattern over pattern.

When creating these oil paintings, I start by gessoeing either a prepared wood panel or heavy rag paper. The paper I gessoe on both sides, then I dry it in blotters, creating a very flat surface which will take a lot of abuse. Beginning with an underpainting of a fairly brilliant color, I build textures and colors slowly, using both subtractive and additive processes. I apply paint with stencils (lace, Japanese papers, found objects), stamps (hand-cut blockprints and commercially made patterns), and create textures by applying paint both with a brush and with brayers. I usually work on a number of pieces at one time since each layer of paint must be dry before I can work on the piece again. To finish, I add a coat of varnish to protect the painting and to give the colors a uniform richness.”

Standard 24”x30” $30
Signed, Limited Edition 24”x30” $45

Orders will be shipped within two weeks.