1996 Cherry Creek Arts Festival commemorative poster of a acrylic on canvas created by artist Mary Frances Robinson.

“The imagery in my paintings has evolved from a fascination with art and painting to an understanding of art as being somewhat autobiographical. This has become more apparent with the passage of time, all my childhood experiences and listening of stories told by others, have all left me with many images of local life in the South and their gentile ways. In my work, I am interested in creating a painting with history. It is important to me that the painting reveals this history both real and imagined the structure of Southern life. I create history through the addition of details in a given scene, they can be reanimated in an imagined composition or portrayed in painstaking detail. With this method not only is there a narrative element but also addresses the passage of time. The paintings mimic scenes that encourage the viewer to sense a possible connection with the order of events as well as a dialogue between the subjects depicted and the viewer.”

Standard 24”x24” $30

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