2014 Cherry Creek Arts Festival commemorative poster of mixed media created by artist Dolan Geiman.

Originally from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, today I live on the road, selling my handcrafted 2D mixed media artwork at art fairs across the country with my wife and business partner Ali Marie. My artwork, known as Contemporary Art with a Southern Accent, represents the intersection of my rural, Southern upbringing with my current urban residence. I handcraft each work from the vast array of materials I’ve been salvaging and collecting since I was a child. Lately, I’ve been producing large paper collage portraits of American icons and Animalia entirely from hand-cut vintage paper elements. I like to spend time reminiscing on the past while flipping through the pages of decade’s forgotten magazines, intently searching for the perfect shape, color, or texture within a periodical’s pages to add to my archive of collage elements. I’ve become increasingly precise and intricate over the years, and my latest large-scale paper collages feature thousands of individually hand-cut pieces. In my own estimation of the artwork I produce, I believe my artistic process originates at the moment I begin rummaging through an abandoned barn, an expansive Southern estate sale, or a gnarly industrial scrapyard. To me, these places are veritable treasure chests of artistic materials and, as an artist; I’m lucky enough to have a job that sets me on cross-country road trips on a regular basis. Each piece of art I produce contains material truly special to me for its ability to tell a story and stir wonder for the rugged American landscape.

Standard 20”x24” $30
Signed, Limited Edition 20”x24” $45

Orders will be shipped within two weeks.