2024 Exhibiting Artists

July 5-7, 2024
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CherryArts is thrilled to feature 250 artist exhibitors selected by the 2024 jury who are invited to exhibit at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival! Artists included 20 award winners returning from the 2023 show and 5 emerging artists. This year’s exhibitors were selected from over 1,942 artist applicants, making acceptance very competitive throughout the jury process. Save the Date: July 5-7, 2024

2024 Festival Artists

2024 Juror Panel

Jane Burke

Denver, CO

Curator at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art


Barbara Lewis

Denver, CO

Owner; Lewis Art Consulting


Robert Varela

Eugene, OR

2023 CCAF Award Winner, Metalwork Artist


Paige Whitcomb

Springfield, MO

2023 CCAF Award Winner, Photography Artist


Betsy Youngquist

Rockford, IL

Artist, Educator, Gallery Owner

2024 Alternate Artists

Larry Allen Ceramics
Matt Conlon Ceramics
Jennifer Falter Ceramics
Melodie Grace Ceramics
Rita Vali Ceramics
Lisa Zolandz Ceramics

Angelika Ejtel Digital Art
Shawn Harris Digital Art
Maile Lani Holloway Digital Art
Randall C Smith Digital Art
Marisa White Digital Art

Edson Campos Drawing
Sylvia Gonzalez Drawing
Brianna Martray Drawing

Amber Scally Emerging Artist Program
Chandler Condon Emerging Artist Program

Deborah Cross Fiber
Betsy Giberson Fiber
Jackie Haliburton Fiber
Diane Harty Fiber

Audrey Jung Fiber
Lisa Telling Kattenbraker Fiber
Mel & Lucy Mendez Fiber
Kerrin Pogozelski Fiber
Yuliya Wolf & Kenzie Cieslinski Fiber

Robin Kittleson Glass
Richard Ryan Glass
Mark Sudduth Glass
Paul Willsea Glass
Zachary Yuskanich Glass

Ashley Buchanan Jewelry
Pam Caidin Jewelry
Ann Marie Cianciolo Jewelry
Lisa Crowder Jewelry
Laura Fortune Jewelry
Carla M Fox Jewelry
Carol Greiwe Jewelry
Victoria Moore Jewelry

John Haley Iii Metalworks
Alex Santamarina Metalworks
Wendy Stevens Metalworks

Gaston Carrio Mixed Media
Justin Coursey Mixed Media
Kina Crow Mixed Media
Michel Delgado Mixed Media
Ummarid Eitharong Mixed Media
Keith Grace Mixed Media
Michele Ledoux Mixed Media
Balbina Meyer Mixed Media
Mychal Mitchell Mixed Media
Shara Oliman Mixed Media
Justin Teilhet Mixed Media
Lynn Whipple Mixed Media

Jerry Brem Painting
Annie Flynn Painting
Katie Hoffman Painting
Dave Kennedy Painting
Sooro Kim Painting
Danyelle Lakin Painting
Michael Magrin Painting
Jodi Perry Painting
Michael Vacchiano Painting
Chris Vance Painting
Cheri Vilona Painting
Mandy Yocom Painting

Dana Echols Photography
Russell Grace & Angela Kullmann Photography
Steve & Rita Lohr Photography
Oscar Matos Linares Photography
Toby Skov Photography

Austin Buckingham Printmaking
Lisa Burge Printmaking
Kelli Macconnell & Jason Michaelson Printmaking
Allison & Jonathan Metzger Printmaking
Artista Samaniego Printmaking

Shelley Evans Sculpture
Ruben Fasani Sculpture
Larry Fox Sculpture
Yves Goyatton Sculpture
Guilloume Guilloume Sculpture
Ryan Kvande Sculpture
Suzanne Schmid Sculpture

Robert & Tor Erickson Wood
Luis Gonzalez Wood
Mark Levin Wood
Robert Wing Wood


The 2024 Cherry Creek Arts Festival artist application closed on December 1st. To be included on our mailing list for future visual arts notifications please email us your information.

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