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Student Art Buying Program

What is the Student Art Buying Program:

Students explore the world of art in a classroom module that culminates in a hands-on art buying experience at the world renowned Cherry Creek Arts Festival. Through the program, students learn and practice valuable skills such as teamwork, negotiation, art appreciation, art-buying, public speaking, and more. Due to COVID-19, participating students and schools will engage with professional artists virtually through their art buying experience and then pick up their purchased piece at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival. Each school will be provided with a set budget to purchase artwork for permanent installation in their school!

This unique opportunity features:

• Each participating school will receive a Study Guide and lesson plan with curriculum and exercises to help students understand and appreciate art as more than a personal preference, but also as a reflection of culture and as a business. Teachers and students are encouraged to include the entire student body in exploring what kind of art would be appropriate and appreciated in their building.

• Schools are then invited to select three students to represent their student body.

• These young ARTrepreneurs will be given a budget to select and purchase art for permanent installation in their school. All participating schools will visit our exhibiting artist page here: and select their top three artist choices.

• Students will then engage with their chosen artists through virtual studio tours allowing them the first hand experience of exploring the entire art making process from start to finish!

• Students and teachers will attend the Cherry Creek Arts Festival to pick up their selected artwork and meet professional artists.

2020 Student Art Buying:

• 24 Schools around Colorado participated with virtual zoom meetings with 24 artists from around the country

• 33 Pieces of artwork were purchased by students for permanent installation at their schools

• Over 20,000 students are impacted by this program