Mobile Art Cart

CherryArts is excited to continue providing arts access with the Mobile Art Cart: Printmaking Edition! This innovative traveling Art Cart can transform any space into a screen printing studio. Engage students and patrons in a one-of-a-kind hands on opportunity as they learn how to screen print. The Mobile Art Cart is an all-inclusive experience for all ages and abilities with materials, artist time and travel included. While working with an artist, students will learn the techniques necessary to screen print an original work of art, as well as, the screen preparation and post inking process.

Topics Covered:
• History of printmaking
• How to prep images for printing
• Mesh count and why it matters
• Exposing screens
• Printing techniques
• Reclaiming & reusing screens

*Please Note: Bookings for in-school workshops begin at a minimum of 60 students.

To book or receive a quote for the Mobile Art Cart please email:

Photos of people of all ages screen print making onto t-shirts and capes

Mobile Art Cart Tour Schedule Coming Soon

Ink the City Screen Printing Workshop with CherryArts logo

Introducing our newest educational adventure, Ink the City! Through this program, we will increase accessibility to high-quality art experiences, providing communities with interactive art-making via our Mobile Art Cart, a screen printing studio on wheels.

Thanks to the Imagine 2020 Fund, the Dresner Foundation, Colorado Creates, and MY Denver, you can come check us out at Rec Centers across Denver and other community venues in the coming year.

If you’d like to know more about Ink the City please email:

Ink the City Tour Schedule Coming Soon

Grant Funding Support Provided by: Colorado Creative Industries, National Endowment for the Arts, SCFD, Sheila Fortune Foundation

Photo credits (Clockwise from top left) ©: Liz Levy Figueroa, Frank Montanez, Liz Levy Figueroa, Jenny Griffin, Liz Levy Figueroa, Joshua Jellison, Liz Levy Figueroa, Liz Levy Figueroa, Joshua Jellison, Tara Brickell, Joshua Jellison, Liz Levy Figueroa, Liz Levy Figueroa