Support CherryArts

Support CherryArts

Since 1991, the mission of CherryArts has been to provide access to arts experiences and support art education throughout Colorado.

The latest Colorado Creative Industries Study reported that over 29,000 students are attending public K-12 schools with no formal arts education. Yet, it has been established that students attending public schools offering arts education programs receive higher test scores in reading, writing, and science and are also less likely to dropout of schooling.  

Through arts education programs provided by CherryArts, we have been able to impact over 20,000 students annually. Our education programs, including the CherryArts Mobile Gallery,  Janus Henderson Investors Student Art Buying Program, and CherryArts Mobile Art Cart Workshops continue to impact the lives of young people and make the arts accessible for all.

In order to foster arts education and community outreach, CherryArts encourages you to get involved in our organization! Our mission operates year-round and so can your support. We’ve listed three ways to contribute to CherryArts below:

1. Buy Tickets to Our Events: Proceeds from our events directly support CherryArts arts education programs in Denver area schools, and sustain our year-round mission to support local arts education. With the Cherry Creek Arts Festival around the corner, here are some great events to check out!

    • Opening Gala: Hosted by the JW Marriott Denver Cherry Creek, the Opening Gala is Denver’s patron event of the season for art education. Join us for the Artist Preview Reception, Dinner, and After-Party.
    • Festival VIP Club: Elevate your Arts Festival Weekend with an invitation to our kickoff party, complimentary beverages, one year subscription to Colorado Homes & Lifestyles, and more!

Our events are registered with this event registration platform that allows you to purchase tickets online through your mobile device– register now!

2. Volunteer: Each year, more than 500 volunteers help make our three-day Festival happen! We continue to appreciate how dedicated, engaged, community-minded and fun our volunteers are, as they play a huge part in our success. We welcome anyone who is interested in supporting Denver’s premier and highest quality arts festival! Interested in volunteering? Apply here!

3. Come to our next Festival: The Cherry Creek Arts Festival begins July 5th, 2018! Our weekend event is both world-class and award-winning, celebrating visual, culinary, and performing arts. Each year, the Cherry Creeks Arts Festival is attended by over 350,000 visitors. The festival gives its patrons the opportunity to meet and talk with international juried visual artists, sample fine cuisine, enjoy live musical performances and artist demonstrations, and entertain their families with interactive “ARTivities.” Exciting attractions for this year’s festival include: Arrow Electronics Pop Up Performances, the Janus Henderson Investors Art Experience, and the Janus Henderson Investors Main Stage.

Some of Denver’s most popular eateries will be in attendance including: Gonuts Treats, Barbed Wire ReefThe Goods BBQ & Grill, and Infintius Inc!

CherryArts welcomes and appreciates your support. Get involved with #CherryArts!


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