Mastering the Art of Festival Exhibition: CherryArts Emerging Artist Program provides mentorship for young artists.

As you stroll the colorful streets of the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, the artistic talent overwhelms your senses. Not only is the Festival home to several seasoned artists who travel the nation, but also to emerging artists beginning their artistic journeys.

The CherryArts Emerging Artist Program is designed specifically for burgeoning artists who have little to no experience exhibiting and selling their work in a venue or show. Each artist accepted into the program receives more than a tent. The artists are mentored by CherryArts staff to learn how to construct their space, market their artwork, handle the volume of people the Festival (and others like it) gathers, value their art, and most importantly, sell it. It’s a great opportunity for talented artists to learn the business of showcasing and selling work at large shows and festivals.

The greatest outcome of this program is to have artists who were once emerging artists mature into full-fledged Cherry Creek Arts Festival exhibitors. This year, a special group has done just that. Listed below are the program’s alumni that that will be exhibiting at the 2016 Festival.

2016CCAF_KvandeRyan Kvande of Thornton, CO – Sculpture

Booth Number: 172, Emerging Artist Program 2014







2016CCAF_LewisCameronCameron Lewis & Reid Grossnickle of Denver, CO – Sculpture

Booth Number: 256, Emerging Artist Program 2013







2016CCAF_CharneyAnna Charney of Denver, CO – Mixed Media

Booth Number: 171, Emerging Artist Program 2012






2016CCAF_JorgensenMatthew Jorgensen of Denver, CO – Ceramics

Booth Number: 95, Emerging Artist Program 2012





2016CCAF_Rusinova1Ellie Rusinova & Brandan Styles of Denver, CO – Mixed media

Booth Number: 102, Emerging Artist Program 2011







2016CCAF_RoulierClaudia Roulier of Idledale, CO – Mixed Media

Booth Number: 60, Emerging Artist Program 2009







2016CCAF_FinelliMelissa Finelli of Boston, MA – Jewelry

Booth Number: 166, Emerging Artist Program 2008





2016CCAF_CopelandRobert Copeland of Chattanooga, TN – Photography

Booth Number: 42, Emerging Artist Program 2006





Along with the graduates of the program are incredibly talented participants coming through this year. These artists have either never shown at a festival/show before or have limited experience doing so, so stop by and show them lots of love! The following lists the emerging artists exhibiting at the 2016 Festival.

2016CCAF_Hamilton-IIIJohn Hamilton III of Arvada, CO

Booth Number: E4



2016CCAF_HildebrandtScott Hildebrandt of Littleton, CO

Booth Number E5





2016CCAF_LockeStephen Locke of Roeland Pak, KS

Booth Number E1





2016CCAF_NationNikki Nation of Highlands Ranch, CO

Booth Number: E2





2016CCAF_ParkhurstPattie Parkhurst of Denver, CO

Booth Number: E3




For more information on how to apply for the Emerging Artist Program, visit:


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