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African Rhythm Synergy

African Rhythm Synergy is another exciting educational program offered by the CherryArts. Facilitators Pamelah Maragh and Fatu are two distinguished members of the performance group Jambalaya and are the force behind this high-energy multicultural presentation that infuses explosive drumming with meaningful lecture, multimedia visuals and group participation. Using a myriad of percussion instruments from Latin American and African countries, they demonstrate how Africa and the Americas have merged musically and culturally.

This assembly style program is an interactive drumming and dance experience for students, which explores rhythm and percussion. Students gain historical insight into the slave trade of yesteryear, how it influenced our Western world and why it’s still influencing music and dance today. And they will have an opportunity to learn and participate directly in the interactive nature of this assembly as they explore various folkloric traditions.

This outreach highlights the performing arts aspect of the Arts Festival and helps to broaden the array of arts education opportunities offered. African Rhythm Synergy is a fantastic way to heighten multicultural awareness among students while celebrating social harmony through drumming, song and dance.